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The 2012 U.S. state rankings saw a decrease in the number of American deaths caused by cancer and heart-related conditions, an ongoing trend since 1990. Yet, 2012 was also marked by an increase in the number of chronic conditions like obesity (27.8% of all Americans), diabetes (9.5%), high blood pressure (30.8%) and sedentary living, defined as 30 days of not exercising outside of work (26.2%).

Also notable, wide disparities in other health categories between the states who scored the highest for health, and the states that scored the lowest (e.g. smoking rates, sedentary behaviors).


Top 10: 1. Vermont, 2. Hawaii, 3. New Hampshire, 4. Massachusetts, 5.Minnesota, 6. Connecticut, 7. Utah, 8. New Jersey, 9. Maine, 10. Rhode Island.

Last 10: 41. Indiana, 42. Missouri, 43. Oklahoma, 44. Kentucky, 45. Alabama, 46. South Carolina, 47. West Virginia, 48. Arkansas, 49. Louisiana and Mississippi tie.

The state rankings are based on the results of telephone interviews. Determinants include smoking, binge drinking, obesity, high school graduation rates, sedentary lifestyle, children in poverty, infectious disease cases, air pollution, violent crime, health insurance, immunizations, primary care doctors, hospitalizations, and rate of conditions and deaths, such as cancer, obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

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