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Today is Superbowl Sunday, and like every year, with the Game come lots of (likely) unhealthy foods: hello sodium, fat, sugar, empty calories… in huge quantities. That’s right, while we’re watching TV, we’re not really paying attention attention to portion size. And the Game being the Game, it is literally a full day of eating empty food. With a little effort though, there are ways to healthify this annual binge, without killing the joy.If you host, you know finger food is a must, so here are some healthy options:

1. Strategic start: soup! A good veggie soup, (try this wonderful mushroom bisque) will both warm up and fill your guests’ tummy at a low caloric cost.

2. Chopped veggies. Be them carrots, radishes, cucumbers, bell peppers of all colors, broccoli and cauliflower… Clean, peel, chop and prepare all these sticks, florets and discs before the game.

3. Yogurt as a base for dips. Choose a plain, nonfat or low-fat yogurt as the base for your dips (add some water to thin them if you use Greek yogurt).

4. Avocado love. Guacamole is pretty much a must have on  Game day. All it takes is 2 avocados, mashed and lemonized, with 2 hard boiled eggs and some diced chives mixed in. As for the chips, think about using green leaves like lettuce and spinach instead.

5. Strategic Food placement thinking. Based on people’s sitting arrangement while watching the game, put all the healthy food at arms reach and whatever less healthy food survives your selection away and requiring guests to get up to the buffet table.

Make sure you stocked up on enough healthy food, because if the Game AND the commercials are good, no one will get up to reach out to the junk food!

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Game day is a full day of sports…. that is, from the couch… with foods and drinks in both hands, almost at all time. Thank God it’s only once a year…
Even so, there are ways to make it a healthy, fun event with friends. And because the action on the field may keep you more concentrated on the TV than on your refill frequency self-monitoring, get off to a good start by preparing healthy, filling snacks.
. Are you hosting tonight?
. What do you plan on serving your guests?
Let us know… 


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