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Facts don’t lie, and there are a lot of them, making the case against soda. It just is not an acceptable drink for you to have. Technically, ever. But small changes do add up, and your health, current and future, will benefit tremendously from even just reducing your intake. Here is why.

new study that links sugar and high glycemic foods to an up to 80% recurrence in colon cancer, tells us clearly, if we still had any doubts, that our national health issues cannot be summed up as a calorie problem. There is such thing as too many calories, but most importantly, there are good, nutrient packed calories, and there are bad, empty sugar-laden calories. Calories are just NOT created equal. And the solution is in picking the right ones.

Sorry soda companies, you really all have to go. Coke’s latest attempt (bold attempt, we’ll give them that) to show how they participate in fighting obesity by offering low or no-calorie options or listing calorie count on their cans is just not doing it.

Sodas, that is sugar, aren’t the only contributing factor and mounting scientific evidence points to the role that the increasing numbers of chemicals, pesticides and other non-food ingredients in our diet play in disease. Yet, it is a fact that for 50 years, researchers have been suggesting that cancer cells are “avid sugar consumers”. It is also a fact that at the same time, our sugar consumption has multiplied. Example? Americans drink ten times more soda than the Japanese. The bad news is: we drink a lot of soda. The good news: we have a sizable opportunity to improve our health by committing to gradually but surely decreasing our soda consumption.

With the President’s Cancer Panel now reporting that 41% of us are expected to get cancer in our lifetimes, 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women, drinking a little less soda might be an action we’ll all be happy to try. It may not be as easy as it sounds, sugar is addictive, but it is oh so worth the effort.

Find some more inspiration in the infographic below:

Harmful Soda

And if you need a bigger boost, watch The Real Bears.
Credit photo: Term Life Insurance on Prevention.com


* Up for some thought-sharing on this topic?  
At an age where, for too many, soda is the go-to drink in a water-less world, it is more critical than ever to start educating children very young on how to quench a thirst. They are the citizens of tomorrow and if we hand them a soda can each time they are thirsty or played sports, they’ll get used to it and will make the obese grown-up population of tomorrow.
For the oldest children and adults, while it is hard to break an addiction, this one is not up for negotiation. It has to be broken, and the easiest way to work on this is to start by reducing intake. Now. Maybe replacing sodas with freshly squeezed is a good first step to take?
. Do you drink any sodas on a regular basis?
. Do you think you drink too many of them and have you already tried to reduce your intake?
. Do you agree that it is necessary to drink less of them and have more water?
Let us know… 


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