March 22, 2013 is World Water Day: 10 easy ways to conserve water at home

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March 22, 2013 is World Water Day and in an effort to make it a teaching about water day too, here are very easy ways for each of us to do our part in saving, conserving and mindfully using what we take as granted on a daily basis, even though it is becoming as rare as it is precious.

There are many ways to be mindful of our water consumption. If you are not already careful and following these tips, read them and pick the ones that seem the easiest to include in your and your family’s routine. Once they become part of your life, come back to this list and pick some more. Every little changes does count and does add up to hundreds of gallons in water savings each year.

1.  Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth, washing your hands. Water comes out of the average faucet at 2.5 gallons per minute, so turn it off when not using it.

2.  No water running when lathering up in the shower. Get wet, stop it, lather up and on again to rinse.

3. Shower BucketStick a bucket under the faucet while you wait for your shower water to heat up, and re-use to flush the toilet or water your plants.

4. Fix your leaks. And do check your bills, if there is a spike in costs but no change in your consumption, then it is a sign. You will save money too.

5. Choose efficient fixtures. Consider investing in a low-flow toilet (some cost as little as $15) and an efficient shower heads. Do some research on a Water Sense rated dishwasher if you use one.

6. Re-use grey water. Saving it is good, but do re-use what you collected and integrate that second step in your routine. If you end up with a lot more  “saved”water than you can re-use, you can always flush the toilet with it (see #9). Keep saving in the the bathroom or kitchen sink, or in the shower. And drain that pasta cooking water too! You will multiply the uses per gallon and save money too.

7. No half load dishwasher runs. That also wastes soap and electricity.

8. No half load washing machine. Ditto.

9. Flush the toilet yourself. To make a low flow fixture even more efficient, consider pouring water yourself to tailor quantity used to actual needs. Dare we say if it’s yellow, let it mellow?

10. No running water when housecleaning. Just like for shower use: wet, scrubb, rinse.

More water related facts here.

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* Up for some thought-sharing on this topic?  

– We tend to take water for granted because it is (almost) always running, strong and clear, when we turn on any faucet in our home.

– Also very true, we tend not to pay attention to our use of it, because it is so cheap, and when included in our amenities, we do not even realize it has a cost, hence there is no real motivation to use it with parsimony.

. Why is it that we need a picture of a child sick from lack of clean water, or a World Water Day to remind us how precious and rare water is?

. Do you think educating children at school about the vital need and scarcity hence preciousness of water may help raise awareness for the next generation?

. Should there be national campaigns to educate grown-ups too about the simple fact that wasting a natural resource never is a good thing, whether we are affected by its scarcity or not?

. How do you treat water consumption and what additional steps would be easiest to implement, durably in your daily life, and teach around you?

Let us know… 

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