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La Vie en Green is your online go-to resource for green educative experience-sharing, information, news, tips and product reviews.

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Why starting La Vie En Green?

I have always been a green mind in a green body, and it only got worse, so to speak, when I first became a Mom. I thought if I brought this fragile little person into a world she had not chosen, the least I could do was to make it as beautiful and clean as possible.

And unshaken by the size of the mountain I had decided to climb, I began educating myself on how my Green Dad husband and I could be not only good green parents, but also green man and woman individually, for our own benefit, and good green citizens of the world for the benefit of all.

I turned my longtime interest in the concept of an eco-conscious life into small actionable steps I could take day after day, at my pace, in all aspects of my life. Some are easy, some are harder, all bear no other sense of urgency than the one I decided to give them, for the end goal of eventually creating a healthier lifestyle for my family. I am a Mom to 4 year-old Green Girl and 2 year-old Green Baby (Girl) so it matters even more.

To my surprise, it was MUCH easier than I had anticipated. The motivation is constantly fresh and renewed because the sum of small actions does show ongoing results, and visible improvements pave my way as I progress toward more eco-consciousness.

It is a journey, everything is always perfectible, and the beauty of it is that You are in the driving seat. You decide what to implement and how fast you would like to implement it. This should not be disruptive to the point of creating chaos in your daily routine, hey, everyday life has to happen! But each step taken in the right direction should, little by little, take you to a place you feel increasingly good about.

You will see how each action positively affects you and your surroundings. How each little thing gets you closer to living la vie (life) en green. And the second best thing after improving the quality of your life, is to inspire and motivate others to do the same. Hence La Vie En Green. Voila!

Enjoy, and I hope to hear from you along the way.



5 Principles for La Vie En Green

[tabs tab4=”Our Mission” tab5=”Our promise” tab6=”For Who ?” tab7=”Green What?” tab8=”Our Hope”]

[tab id=4]Life is often slowed down, derailed and polluted by stress, waste, pain, lack of time and lack of care. It does not have to be that way and La Vie En Green will show you how, by leading you, one step at the time, toward a simpler, greener global approach to your self, your health, your surroundings.

Our mission is to facilitate information and insight-sharing to enrich your green knowledge and offer you ideas for sustainable change: easy or not, small or big, but always changes at your own pace, on your own terms.[/tab]

[tab id=5]We promise to show you how easy it is to follow a healthier path via small yet meaningful changes, without ever breaking the bank or depriving yourself. There is no plan or scheduled fast-paced revolution to your daily routine. So hop on and get ready for actionable tools to continuously green up your life.[/tab]

[tab id=6]If you are willing to take action for a better quality of life and ready to enjoy the satisfaction of leading an earth-conscious, more responsible lifestyle, follow along. The good news is, every day is the right time to start making positive changes, so it is all about beginning the journey! On a broader scale, this is probably the most important legacy we could pass on to the next generation.[/tab]

[tab id=7]La Vie En Green revolves around 3 intertwined core fields:

  • Family, or how to greenly care for your loved and raise future respectful citizens of the World
  • Food, via ways to safely green up your eating habits and champion the healthy You, one step at the time
  • Health, yours and the Earth’s, and how to smoothly integrate green living into your environment, to preserve both

There will be regular green news coverage, weekly posts, and occasional product recommendations, reviews, guides and videos. Let us know what you would like to find here via our contact page![/tab]

[tab id = 8]Hopefully this will be a conversation as you feel compelled to comment on what you see, think, do and how we can all make the content richer for everyone. Voice your opinion, chime in![/tab][/tabs]

The Green Blog will share


  • Green facts and news and experience-sharing stories presented with a focus on causes and consequences affecting yourself, your life and the environment in a broader sense.
  • Ideas of actions you can take, one by one, one day at a time, to help undertake needed changes
  • Resources to deepen and update your knowledge
  • Occasional product recommendations/reviews, tours, guides, videos when appropriate
  • Possible La Vie En Green manufactured products

… all articulated around the following three themes:

[tabs tab4=”Family” tab5=”Food” tab6=”Health”] [tab id=4]

La Vie en Green Stamp - FamilyIt is often said that starting a family changes one’s life. That having children makes you a new person and that this change should be conscious and well thought through.

At La Vie En Green, we think it is true. You do not live and respond only for yourself anymore. With children and a partner, or not, your responsibility unfolds exponentially. Forever. It is on us to turn these little beings into good, responsible and respected citizens of the world.

Taking on the challenge to accompany a child in his first steps and years of life comes with loads of subjects to research, informed choices to make and best behavior to display on a permanent basis. That is a lot of work because children are in large part what we make of them, at least before they start building their own personalities and set of values. So vigilance is key and parenting becomes pretty much a priority above everything else.

Join us for some recounts of green ways about everything and anything revolving around children’s daily lives. Whatever the subject, the approach is always tentatively eco-conscious, with very much in mind how to engage, closely monitor and develop a sense of responsibility in these little developing lives. [button color=”green” size=”small” gradient1=”” gradient2=”” link=”http://www.lavieengreen.com/blog/category/family” target=””]Go to Family Posts[/button] [/tab] [tab id=5]

La Vie en Green Stamp - Food

When it comes to eating and our daily diet, we really are talking about our health, that is, our energy level, our productivity, ability to focus, performance in sports, our morale; and in the longer run, how well we age, both physically and mentally, go through sicknesses, body milestones… In a nutshell, how we grow through time.

Eating is not just a pleasure, it is the necessary act of nourishing our body to perpetuate its life. If we do it well, it will go far. If we do it without care, it will get sick, or worse. It is as simple as causes and consequences. With one aggravating variable: time. The longer we do not care for it, the longer it will take to rebound once we start doing things the right way. And the harder it will be to change bad habits.

As for everything else, routines die hard and there will be an adaptation phase between starting to alter food intake and seeing results. But our body will eventually adapt, a little more each day, until our whole system is stabilized again around the new routine. Timing will vary with each of us based upon our own personal story. But for everyone, one same truth applies: it is worth the effort.

This is why the right time to start feeding oneself well will always be: right now. And that is good news!

The change in itself is very simple and based on Michael Pollan’s famous: Eat food, not too much, mostly plants. Once you get used to it, you will not want to go back to your old ways and processed food may feel like a tasteless old story.

Read on for anecdotes about how one can, at one’s own pace, get rid of months, if not years, of various bad habits accumulated over time. And how to integrate new good routines. The principles of well balanced good nutrition are easy and intuitive so you probably already know what is good for you and what to avoid. This is really all more about where to start, and how to start taking care of our most precious asset: our self. [button color=”green” size=”small” gradient1=”” gradient2=”” link=”http://www.lavieengreen.com/blog/category/food” target=””]Go to Food Posts[/button] [/tab] [tab id=6]

La Vie en Green Stamp - HealthThe planet men have been living on for thousands of years has gotten crowded. This is a big worrying, yet-to-solve challenge for humanity, widely worsened by the fact that at the same time, it has gotten so incredibly dirty and damaged.

Between the rise of the oceans and temperatures, the pollution and increasing lack of water resources, the decreased share of trees on earth, the extreme weather events and the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria or superbugs, there is no lack of alarming signals that the planet is in distress, and losing its balance. Yet, we all get used to more bad environmental news, and just passively add them to our daily routine. There was a time when devastating hurricanes were a rarity, now we are all used to human casualties accompanying natural disasters, and almost everyone knows what a tsunami is.

As we produce more and more goods to supposedly ease up our lives, we consume more and more artificial things coming from production lines. If we do not pay attention, just like we did with the environment, at our individual level our own health will start suffering/deteriorating. It already has, since, from allergies to diseases, a link has been established between our health condition and the state and influence of our immediate surroundings.

If you care about your environment and if you care about your health, then strive to bring more of nature into your daily life. Simplify, minimize, and when possible, trust existing natural things over manufactured ones. Lower your stress level by slowing down your pace, free up your mind by de-cluttering your life, and focus on what is really important, the people around you, not the things. There are many easy ways to give more meaning to your days and live happier, even with less.

Read on for examples of how to revamp one’s life thread and “greenify” one’s core values, one little project at a time, at your own pace, in your own terms. Give a try to the ones most feasible for you, allow yourself  to be inspired by all. You, and everyone around will benefit from the experience. [button color=”green” size=”small” gradient1=”” gradient2=”” link=”http://www.lavieengreen.com/blog/category/health” target=””]Go to Health Posts[/button] [/tab] [/tabs]

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