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Using a Dryer? How About Hang Drying our Clothes!

Our everyday life is packed with opportunities to choose greener ways and options, and make a positive impact on our health, the environment, reducing waste… doing […]

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6 Tips to Help Keep Produce Fresh Longer in the Fridge

Interested in eating healthy, following the season and including more produce into daily diet but too often, too much wilted-at-best, molded-at-worst greens end up in the trash? Food waste […]

5 Ways to Cut Down on Waste for Household Products

“Going green” is a journey, and while some manage to stay waste free by making everything they need form scratch with bulk raw material and their […]

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Green Festival 2014 NYC – Part 2

The 2014 and third New York City edition of the Green Festival had a lot of inspiring, original, smart non-food vendors, resellers or founders of […]

Green Festival 2014 NYC – Part 1

The 2014 and third New York City edition of the Green Festival was held on Earth Day Weekend, overlooking the Hudson River at Pier94. […]

Does Vermont pushing GMO labeling matter?… If it does…

Vermont is the first U.S. state to pass a bill requiring the labeling of GMO or genetically modified organisms. Only leaving out animal derived products, the bill includes […]

Hipsters' gimmick or key to higher bike use?

Have you noticed (maybe participated in) a “riding my bike” renaissance lately? In big cities in particular, with bike sharing programs and more bike lanes […]

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Earth Day rebooting!

This year again we join the “Earth Day is every day” team, because repeating is not overrated on this topic. But we won’t share Earth-friendly […]

Flowers and Chocolate? The truth on two Valentine's Day (and more) classics

Because we pour our heart and soul into it, love is unique. Yet, most of us rejoice around some hard to avoid Valentine’s Day classics: […]

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Original Cheerios now GMO free: Big deal?

Way to start 2014 for anti Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) consumers and activists! General Mills announced on January 2 that Original Cheerios, one of America’s […]

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