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Feeding the 5000 gathered food waste haters at Disco Soup NYC launch event to raise awareness

“Finish your plate! Some children are not as lucky as you and don’t know when their next meal is coming!” So many of us heard […]

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What are Genetically Modified Organisms, or GMO foods?

There has been so much noise around GMO foods lately that unless you live in a cave (or in a country where they are illegal […]

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4 ways to push back Earth Overshoot Day

August 20 is 2013’s Earth Overshoot Day. It means it took us under 8 months to exhaust our 2013 budget and consume natural resources the […]

Drinking with a straw is fine, just not any straw

There is a never ending debate about the pros and cons of drinking with straws. We all know the usual drawbacks associated with their use: […]

Top 5 reasons why you don't want this recyclable plastic water bottle

Summer time, thirsty, you step in a store and see this in front of you: a plastic water bottle. And it’s just $2.99. Here are the 5 […]

Naked Juice settles suit over 'All Natural' and 'no GMO' claims

Naked Juice Co, owned by PepsiCo., has agreed to pay $9 million to settle a 2012 California class-action suit alleging its improper use of “all natural” […]

Top 4 benefits of good ol' games for kids during the heatwave

I believe today was the first time I ever saw that many degrees, 103 to be specific, on the thermometer! It was burning hot outside […]

Top 6 ways to a great green spirited kids' bedroom

Full disclosure: this picture is not one of my own children’s bedroom. So the assessment is unbiased and objective. I believe certain items are must […]

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How to get started on your green living journey

Whether considered a fad or a deeply rooted durable way of life, green living is trendy these days and as such, much discussed. Considered, even, […]

What is being green? One definition of green living

Green is the new black!  You may have seen this on organic cotton tee shirts, eco-friendly reusable grocery bags, it is hip to be green […]