5 ways to a waste less Christmas and year end holidays

Did you know that, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), we triple our waste during year-end celebration season? And did you know that over the […]

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Green via less wasteful Christmas and holidays gifts

The holidays and year-end celebrations are filled with traditions. A big one is to spend time with loved ones, another is to exchange gifts. It’s […]

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Top 4 benefits of good ol' games for kids during the heatwave

I believe today was the first time I ever saw that many degrees, 103 to be specific, on the thermometer! It was burning hot outside […]

Top 6 ways to a great green spirited kids' bedroom

Full disclosure: this picture is not one of my own children’s bedroom. So the assessment is unbiased and objective. I believe certain items are must […]

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How to "green-teach" kids that sharing experiences beats owning things

Teaching kids that sharing life experiences with loved ones and making memories out of it is a key learning to pass on to them. For now […]

A green crop of products and many Greenies at the 2013 NYC Green Festival

On Earth Day weekend, New York City hosted the second edition of its NYC Green Festival. Packed with over 270 green exhibitors, over 100 eco-conscious […]

Could co-sleeping save the night for breastfeeding Moms?

Common concerns for breastfeeding moms often include, among other things, nighttime feedings and lack of sleep. Bottle fed babies typically sleep longer nights sooner than breastfed […]

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Harsh breastfeeding reality and how pumping saved the day

If you cannot have the best, go for second best. I was not able to breastfeed Green Girl, so I started pumping my milk for […]

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Curious about cloth diapers? Part 2

Once my friend A. became more familiar with the cloth diaper options, just like me, she did not think of this system as intimidating anymore […]

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Curious about cloth diapers? Part 1

If you are considering adopting or transitioning to cloth diapers but still have many unanswered questions, read on! My friend A. is a recent convert to […]

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