Green Festival 2014 NYC – Part 2

The 2014 and third New York City edition of the Green Festival had a lot of inspiring, original, smart non-food vendors, resellers or founders of […]

Green Festival 2014 NYC – Part 1

The 2014 and third New York City edition of the Green Festival was held on Earth Day Weekend, overlooking the Hudson River at Pier94. […]

Does Vermont pushing GMO labeling matter?… If it does…

Vermont is the first U.S. state to pass a bill requiring the labeling of GMO or genetically modified organisms. Only leaving out animal derived products, the bill includes […]

Earth Day rebooting!

This year again we join the “Earth Day is every day” team, because repeating is not overrated on this topic. But we won’t share Earth-friendly […]

Air pollution a leading cause of cancer per WHO

The World Health Organization (WHO) has just classified outdoor air pollution as a leading cause of cancer, via its International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). […]

Study found Oreo cookies as addictive as drugs

Connecticut College students and a professor of psychology have found that “America’s favorite cookie” Oreo is just as addictive as cocaine. At least for lab […]

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Walmart to remove 10 toxic chemicals from cosmetics, personal care and cleaning products

Walmart made news with a green and substantive announcement on Sept 12: the nation’s biggest retailer will require its suppliers to phase out 10 specific toxic […]

Naked Juice settles suit over 'All Natural' and 'no GMO' claims

Naked Juice Co, owned by PepsiCo., has agreed to pay $9 million to settle a 2012 California class-action suit alleging its improper use of “all natural” […]

Light, breathable, washable, recyclable: a future 3D-printed green cast?

Ever broke an arm or a leg? Was your first thought one of stinky, itchy, skin peeling limb? Probably. And because the list of plaster […]

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Oregon bans neonicotinoids pesticides for 6 months after huge bumble bees die off

The state of Oregon’s agriculture department just banned the use of the pesticides responsible for the high-profile pollinator (bumble bees) die-off two weeks ago.