After McDonald's, Starbucks posts calorie counts nationwide

One step behind Mc Donald’s but still ahead of the law, Starbucks just started posting calorie counts on all its menu boards nationwide. This measure […]

USDA approved a meat & egg label for GMO-free diet fed animals

The U.S. Agriculture Department has approved a label including a claim about the absence of genetically engineered ingredients (like corn, soy and alfalfa) in the […]

Los Angeles becomes largest US city to ban shopping plastic bags

On Tuesday, Los Angeles became the largest city in the nation to move toward a ban on grocery plastic bags, with the City Council barring them in […]

Hanford nuclear site tank may be leaking waste into soil

An underground tank holding some of the worst radioactive waste at Hanford, the nation’s most contaminated nuclear site, might be leaking into the soil… 

Obesity: from condition or disorder, to officially a disease per the AMA

As of June 19, the American Medical Association, the country’s largest physician group, decided to now call obesity a disease instead of a condition, or a disorder […]

Water conservation farm subsidies lead to… more water use

The Environmental Quality Incentives Program was first authorized in the 1996 Farm Bill to help farmers purchase more efficient irrigation equipment (sprinklers and pipelines) to […]

Fish on antidepressants become anxious, antisocial and aggressive

Antidepressants are the most commonly prescribed medications in the United States: about 250 million prescriptions are filled every year. They are also  the highest-documented drugs contaminating […]

Childhood cancer survivors have significant chronic disease risks

A newly released St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital study of over 1,700 childhood cancer survivors found that 98% of them had at least one chronic disease later in […]

Caffeinated snack foods (gum included!) under FDA investigation

The recent rise in caffeinated snack products has prompted the FDA’s investigation to look into the effects of these products on children, due to health […]

A green crop of products and many Greenies at the 2013 NYC Green Festival

On Earth Day weekend, New York City hosted the second edition of its NYC Green Festival. Packed with over 270 green exhibitors, over 100 eco-conscious […]