Honey bees Colony Collapse Disorder threatens global agriculture

A successful harvest depends on insect pollinators, mainly bees, for 1 of every 3 bites of food eaten worldwide. That’s most of the planet’s Top […]

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Starbucks new reusable plastic coffee cup: greenwashing or green marketing?

Some companies, like Starbucks, generate a lot of waste just by the nature of their business. Selling coffee, tea or else in a single use disposable […]

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5 steps to easily kick paper towel out of your life for good !

Talking to a few friends recently made me realize that the use of disposable paper towel at home is deeply anchored in people’s mind as […]

Easily green up your lunch and snack routine at work or on the go

You may be able to score an easy green win for your health and the landfill just by altering your lunch routine, whether at work […]

Makeover for a greener, healthier, de-cluttered kitchen

If greening up your diet, even step by step and at your own pace seems too overwhelming to start on your overall path to a […]

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Feed a thrift store to help people in need and yourself

Why buy new if you can have new for almost free along with the satisfaction of helping out a good cause? One may think that […]

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Freecycle or how your trash becomes someone else's treasure

If Freecycle did not exist, it would need to be invented right away. I found out about it as I was about to move and […]

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To simplify your life, de-clutter your home

As I started to realize that I was buying more things than I needed or would ever use, commercials and other ads stopped working so […]

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