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5 steps to easily kick paper towel out of your life for good !

Talking to a few friends recently made me realize that the use of disposable paper towel at home is deeply anchored in people’s mind as […]

4 steps to easily get on the path to a durable healthier diet

Each year around Spring time, lots of diet fads pop up, luring you into believing in miracle weight-loss-in-no-time-for-a-healthy-body promises. If you have tried any, you […]

Orange juice vs. orange juice

Orange juice is a healthy drink because it is made with oranges that are vitamins and antioxidants packed fruit. Only half of this statement is […]

Owning a non-plastic drinking water bottle can do wonders to your health.

While it is true that science and medicine can sometimes have changing voices over the decades (still wondering if eating avocado, meat, chocolate, or drinking wine […]